Our Goal

We want to create a safe community of growers that helps push the cannabis AG culture forward! Be kind, accept others' views and what they have learned. And let us try and expand our knowledge for the next generation of growers! 


Consistency is the main factor we focus on. It's very important to us that our customers have a great experience with our product every time they use our brand. From where and how we source our ingredients, to how they are mixed and get ready for plant and soil consumption is all monitored and adjusted frequently to make sure you the customer have the highest end fertilizers, nutrients, and soil products on the planet!

From home grows to commercial-scale operations, Nuuplant has everything you need to increase and maintain healthy soil and plant structure throughout the season. If something you need isn’t updated on our site product or info-wise, please use the contact section to reach us!

Home and Commercial growing solutions

Proudly Canadian!

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Organically Sourced

All the ingredients we use in our products are organically sourced to improve and optimize the science behind plant growth and yield. The more balanced your soil ecology is, the better your plants can accept and use the nutrients in the soil. We take the science and numbers out of the equation so you can focus on maintaining healthy plants!